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bac - 2008-12-01

Dude...assuming you submitted this and the ones in the hopper you might want to go back and edit parenthesis between the tags. Since the ones on this page are kinda useless.

fluffy - 2008-12-01

You realize you use commas, not parentheses, right? Also you can't edit tags in the hopper.

Rovin - 2008-12-01

Yes yes yes, but how does all of this effect the TIME BANDITS? Hmm?

Gwago - 2008-12-01

Wow. For the love of god, someone get this man a job for cinema.

sosage - 2008-12-01

I hope cinema finds work soon. This economy is brutal.

fluffy - 2008-12-01

This would be absolutely perfect if the title cards were being read out loud, preferably by speech synthesis.

citrusmirakel - 2008-12-01


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