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heyitslozeau - 2009-01-07

that logic, that perspective, that theory....I'm sorry ma'am I confused you for a Ron Paul supporter.

Dib - 2009-01-08

I'm sorry that she's melting.

chumbucket - 2009-01-07

today struggled this morning with coulter and her use of the middle name. it's so transparent and lame..this woman needs to watch less court tv

Space Helicopter - 2009-01-07

If she's not allowed to talk about this stuff, why is she talking?

sliggy - 2009-01-07

That's such a tiny voice for such a large woman. Plus, it's perfectly democratic if MORE PEOPLE LEGALLY VOTED FOR HIM.

Who the hell is Reverend Otis?

CharlesSmith - 2009-01-07

A preacher who didn't wear an american flag tie once to american flag tie day at an IHOP, and who had a brief but friendly chat with Obama once standing in line for an ATM! THEY ARE BEST FRIENDS AND TEAM MATES ON TEAM HATE AMERICA!

CharlesSmith - 2009-01-07


wtf japan - 2009-01-07

I'm sorry, I can't get over how hideous she is long enough to listen to what she is saying. Someone get this thing back to the Jim Henson Creature Shop before it hurts a child.

Mike Tyson?! - 2009-01-07

You are allowed to talk about whatever the fuck you want, but if your vote is swayed by his middle name then go die in a fire.

The Townleybomb - 2009-01-07

Ah, how nice it is to go back to the salad days of last September. IT IS FASHISM WHEN AMERICANS ARE DENIED THE VOTE BECAUSE THEIR NECKS WON'T FIT IN THE VOTING BOOTH.

Xenocide - 2009-01-07

That narrator's sexy voice, combined with the superhuman repulsiveness of the woman, have conspired to create the only possible outcome: this video made me gay.

For Obama.

fractured - 2009-01-07

"Gooble gobble. Gooble gobble."

fermun - 2009-01-07

Turkeyneck, lazy eye. Turkeyneck, lazy eye. Turkeyneck, lazy eye.

Camonk - 2009-01-07

Wait--let me get this straight. THIS is the most fascist, undemocratic situation you've ever heard of? You can't think of ANY situation that's more fascistic or undemocratic? Hmm.

Cena_mark - 2009-01-07

Cumonk, I know you're referring to the 2000 election. Nothing was wrong with it. The constitution makes it clear that the president is not elected by popular vote.

bang to buck ratio - 2009-01-07

Wait--let me get this straight. The 2000 election is the most fascist, undemocratic situation you've ever heard of? You can't think of ANY situation that's more fascistic or undemocratic? Hmm.

Camonk - 2009-01-09

I was--I was actually thinking of maybe Pinochet or Pol Pot or Trujillo or any number of dictators who were ACTUALLY fascist and undemocratic. But uh okay, Mark. Sure. I was definitely talking about the 2000 election.

Charles - 2009-03-17

Cena mark is just trying to draw attention away from the fact that he is the reincarnation of Hitler

bang to buck ratio - 2009-01-07

I'm the farthest thing from a racist: I'm an American!

rev.dinosaur - 2009-01-07

No video I have ever seen has gone from 3 to 5 in one sentence with such force.

dr_mr_vandertramps - 2009-01-07


Operation Cornflakes - 2009-01-07

Fat Chicks In Party Spats

FineFilter - 2009-01-07

Well done sir.

Caminante Nocturno - 2009-01-07


revdrew - 2009-01-07


B. Weed - 2009-01-07

Could this qualify for a "turducken of stupidity" tag? (I saw that tagging an article on a completely different site, and it should see more usage.)

Syd Midnight - 2009-01-07

Stuff the turducken into a baked hambeast and get Hamturducken

hammsangwich - 2009-01-07

Bite off the nose to spite the face...this hambass needs to cut her whole body off!

citrusmirakel - 2009-01-08

This is the worst pre-sex porn interview I've ever seen.

big pincers - 2009-01-11

I am the furthest thing from a racist. I'm an American!

Charles - 2009-03-17

Woman in the background at :11-:14 deserves extra points. you just know she's snickering at some undefinable hunk of assflab sticking out the top of hambeast's sweatpants

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