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Cube - 2009-03-03

It's like the yo-yo, except it fails to make a comeback even for a passing moment.

A for effort, though!

chumbucket - 2009-03-03

still going: http://www.worldsportstackingassociation.org/

Johnny Roastbeef - 2009-03-03

They're sure to have a video game out next week.

kennydra - 2009-03-03

I would play the shit out of that video game.

I like how they say stacking cups helped them with other stuff like playing an instrument. You know what else would have helped? Practicing the instrument. Also, what was up with the weirdly edited demo segment? was that intentional? I thought I was freakin out, man.

chumbucket - 2009-03-03

this sport was soon upstaged by poop-shoveling, shoe-tying and tablecloth-pulling

Hooper_X - 2009-03-03

Well, at least it's keeping them off the streets and the drugs, I guess?

(actually, I bet meth really really helps with this.)

tenten - 2009-03-03

As my high school basketball coach used to say, "It's not a sport unless it uses a ball." Yes, he hated hockey. He also used to tell us to never stand in close groups because one grenade would kill us all.

Menudo con queso - 2009-03-03

I think that's a standard ex-Marine mantra. The "one grenade" bit, I don't know what the Devil Dogs' official stance on ball-related sports is.

If this sport doesn't teach me how to do three-card monte street swindles, I don't want to have anything to do with it.

hornung - 2009-03-03

over on rec.sport.disc there's some asshole who goes by the name toad (in real life, not on the message board) who insists that ultimate needs refzervers because cup stacking was shown once on espn2 before college nationals. it turned into a whole fagdance where some other guy named fetch (in real life) stated the need for better trained observers instead, and downplayed the effect of cup stacking in middleschool phys ed curriculum and played it off as a marketing scheme that does kids more harm than good.

so i've already seen the real version of this video, and had lengthy discussions about it.

even sports talk on the internet is gay.

spikestoyiu - 2009-03-03

I find the fact that people are still using Usenet for anything other than questionable pornography much more shocking that that conversation, most of which I didn't understand.

Hooper_X - 2009-03-03

dude, you hang out on a USENET group dedicated to ultimate frisbee?

I bow in awe of your hippie-beard.

boner - 2009-03-03

Some guy invented this "sport" in order to sell specially made cups and cup accessories?

endlesschris - 2009-03-03

I remember seeing this for sale in Target and thinking "The worst parent in the world buys their kids cups as a present." C'mon - buy your kid a guitar or something useful. You really want your kid to be champion of the most useless discipline ever invented? Besides, the second one of the Asian countries discovers this shit your kid's High Score is forfeit.

Frank Rizzo - 2009-03-03

if cup stacking is a sport, then stacking soda caps and having a cat knock it over is a sport as well.

Enjoy - 2009-10-19

Make sure you wear a cup. *RIMSHOT*

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