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RockBolt - 2009-03-16

This hit a nerve, Scrotum H. Vainglorious?

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2009-03-16

Heh, no actually. It just wasn't that funny.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme - 2009-03-16

No, but the chunky guy doesn't like people thinner, younger or more fashionable than himself.

I wonder how frustrated and bitter you have to be in order to do brilliant hate comedy?

wtf japan - 2009-03-16

Are you implying that hipsters are fashionable? I just want to make sure I understand that right before have this big ole belly laugh here. Hope you don't mind footing the bill for this one.

UnderANeonHalo - 2009-03-16

Fucking hipsters.

oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2009-03-16


baleen - 2009-03-16

Awww. He can't fit into any clothes.

fatatty - 2009-03-16

I wore ironic t-shirts from thrift stores a lot when I was younger but not in any attempt to be cool.

In fact I'm pretty sure cool kids wore GAP shirts or some shit. We were just poor so that's where we shopped and I thought they were funny.

So fuck you Patton Oswalt. I like my Teddy Bear riding a Unicorn t-shirt. I will wear it till the day I die on my fashionably spindly frame.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme - 2009-03-16

Always been a fan of both plain t-shirts and Threadless, mainly because I hate wearing company slogans.

No. I do not want to wear a fucking Nike Swoosh or have Abercrombie across my back, thanks.

kennydra - 2009-03-16

I too was a hipster before it was 'cool' to be one. I shopped at thrift stores, wore multi colored chuck taylors and vintage shit all the time. It was called being poor. I don't think I owned an article of clothing that was bought for more than until I moved out of my parents house. However, I am also a douche.

Now to watch the video!

yourmother - 2009-03-16

I know right, I was like, cool, before it was cool to be cool, just like you guys!

allcaps - 2009-03-17

Cool kids wore Gap at one time? How long ago did this happen?

I'm seriously alarmed, and yet also pleased to have some increasingly rare evidence of youth.

zatojones - 2009-03-17

you realize that the Threadless "style" is pretty much their corporate logo right?

Old_Zircon - 2009-03-16

I think guys like this are the only people who actually believe "hipsters" exist.

Dinkin Flicka - 2009-03-16

Him and everyone who's commented above this point so far... :(

UnderANeonHalo - 2009-03-17

Come to Atlanta, we're filthy with them. Feel free to take some for your city.

Rape Ape - 2009-03-17

Yeah, seriously, where do you live, guy? Come to Boston -- we're overflowing. Take some of ours.

Corman's Inferno - 2009-03-17

Come to the West Coast. Seattle, Portland, and LA are infested with them.

FABIO - 2009-08-04

The greatest trick the hipster pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

NoCode - 2009-03-17

5 for "I'm Powered by Puppy Kisses!"

Urburos - 2009-03-17

I will admit that I owned and wore a t-shirt that said "#1 Christian Grandpa, Grandchild Approved" and I'm only 23.

viote - 2012-01-03

That is acceptable.

themilkshark - 2009-03-17

My shirt has Spaghettios stains on it. all over.

imairlax - 2009-03-17

patton is doing god's work

Goethe and ernie - 2009-03-17

I used to wear t-shirts with stupid shit on the front that I'd bought at charity shops, but it was OK, because I was seventeen. Anyone who continues to do so beyond that age is at least 15% twat.

duckofdeath - 2009-03-17

patton oswalt>hipsters

raeshaldis - 2009-07-15

If you don't understand why hipster suck so much go to Look at That Fucking Hipster: http://www.latfh.com/

It will enlighten as well as enrage!

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