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kennydra - 2009-05-13

this exact thing happened to a girl i sat next to in 9th grade, softball pitcher. it shattered the left side of her face into almost a hundred tiny shards. put me off playing sports for...the rest of my life.

baleen - 2009-05-13

Batter is no Albert Pujols.
http://withleather.uproxx.com/2008/05/albert-pujols-hurts-peop le

Later in the game, he knocked catcher Josh Bard off his feet sliding in and put him out of the game too.

The man is fucking amazing, and I'm glad he's not in the Phillies anymore.

punch drunk babies - 2009-05-13

-2 for that grating sound effect

chumbucket - 2009-05-13

yeah that sound effect sucks. Is there any proof of this happening more often in softball than in baseball? It just seems more prevalent in the former.

Wonko the Sane - 2009-05-13

Depending on the league, softball diamonds are smaller.

fatatty - 2009-05-13

I'll go so far as to say -3.

Syd Midnight - 2009-05-13

Softball also lets you use aluminum bats which can be swung a lot faster so line drives are major league speed.

Hooker - 2009-05-13

I'm going to say +5 for the sound effect.

pastorofmuppets - 2009-05-15

-3 because while sound effects are funny, uncut misery is often funnier

Meerkat - 2009-05-13

I love that they continue to play around her supine form.

baleen - 2009-05-13

I believe you meant "prone," not supine.

Samisyosam - 2009-05-13


Syd Midnight - 2009-05-13

They got the batter out.

glasseye - 2009-05-13

Obviously the stupid game is more important than their teammate's health.

Cleaner82 - 2009-05-14

I'm pretty sure he meant ursine. Am I right or am I right.

Or am I right.

Right. Right. Rrrright.

retrocious - 2009-05-13

thock... cheering!

Desidiosus - 2009-05-13

If the ball had embedded itself in her face, would it have counted as an out?

Species - 2009-05-13

Another smashed lesbian face. Sad.

zatojones - 2009-05-14

luckily for her lesbians aren't as superficial as most hetero dudes

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2009-05-14

Hey, don't imply that all lesbians are ugly, or don't care if their partners are Zato; a small minority are quite feminine, have standards in a mate, and show a firm grasp on the use of cosmetic products.

+4 for whatever that "boi-oi-oi-oing" noise sounding like a spring being twanged was, +1 for the pause button letting me get a good look at that 90 degree angle whiplash. +A million for what happens when reduced field size as compensation for inferior physical strength collide with non-regulation bats to bring swinging speed up to par, all of which then slams face-first into a patronizingly oversized ball which is thrown with all the sophistication of a batting cage machine by pitchers who by their nature have an established handicap in the department of spatial awareness and visualization. Sometimes, all the elements come together in just the right proportions.

It's like a perfect storm of Bitch Shoulda Seen It Coming.

RockBolt - 2009-05-13

That's why I stay in the outfield

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