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Desc:Did she get stabbed in the chin?
Category:Educational, Fashion
Tags:Japan, nerd, nerds, oh japan, school girl
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baumer - 2009-06-24

you got your shit in my poetv

chumbucket - 2009-06-24

1:30 gets all my stars

fluffy - 2009-06-24

The "knurd" explanation comes from RPI, not MIT, and I can't believe I made it far enough into the video to find something to objectively criticize.

foopants - 2009-06-24

crappy people talking about crappy shit is double plus good to me at least.

MrBuddy - 2009-06-29

Cosmoplay? Don't you mean cosplay as in COstume PLAY? So who clicked on the woman at the end to get to the mind control videos?

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