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jaunch - 2009-09-24

I call fakesies. Good work though, in general.

fluffy - 2009-09-24

What looks fake about it?

jaunch - 2009-09-24

When the baby slaps its own head with its hand (0:37)-- it looks very artificial. Plus its movements in general just look to CGish. I could easily be wrong. Just what it seems like to me.

It occurs to me now that you may have been being sarcastic with me. I just can't tell anymore.

Cleaner82 - 2009-09-24

There is nothing fake about this.

This 'everything is fake' shit is making you paranoid.

Honest Abe - 2009-09-24

imagine that a guy on poe who's never seen a real baby

fatatty - 2009-09-24

Clearly this is an impressive feat of robotics. Not only in making a life-like robot baby, but making it dance poorly to Beyonce.

Cheese - 2009-09-24

Obviously it is a chimpanzee in a baby suit.

Adham Nu'man - 2009-09-24

It is quite obvious that we are dealing with shaved midget pretending to be a baby.

Hooker - 2009-09-24

Actually, I think it's fake as well. The givaway is when it turns into a tyrannosaurus. Plus the hair seems thinner than a real human being's hair.

Sputum - 2009-09-25

Assertion 1) Nobody that talented with CG would be bored enough to make something this lame.

Assertion 2) In a few years it will probably be much more reasonable to assume something like this would be fake.

In conclusion, jaunch is from the future, in league with Time Travel Mishap

memedumpster - 2009-09-25

Obviously this is a time travel mishap.

infinite zest - 2009-09-24

There's like, lots of these.. it's.. I don't... know.

Killer Joe - 2009-09-24

Judge it on it's own merits.
Like a dancing baby!

Millard - 2009-09-24

The thing with the hand slays me.

Merzbau - 2009-09-24

sir, I believe if you consult the proper resources you will find that Frenchie is, in fact, in possession of the goods

gmol - 2009-09-24

Poppin' and lockin' got me.

Toenails - 2009-09-24

I kept fast-forwarding to some part where I thought the baby may do something I haven't seen a real life baby do before...

either I skipped over very important parts of the video, or I've seen to many babies try to dance to music their parents play.

More likely this is one of those cases where a father will video tape a child for the dumbest of reasons.

tamago - 2009-12-04

Meh. Babies are cute. I love babies. But this was kinda dull. The only amusing part is where he slaps his own head. Two extra stars for that.

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