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Louis Armstrong - 2009-11-04

I guess I should have......

Bought some car insurance.


chumbucket - 2009-11-04

Well this proves that if you bring plenty of buck...

...there's sure to be some bang.


hornung - 2009-11-04

a pistol for paddy garcia

baleen - 2009-11-04

The sunglasses part.

C. Eloi Marx - 2009-11-04

Before the show was on the air the producers asked Ferrari for a car that the show could use and were turned down. In retaliation they bought a fake Ferrari 365 Spyder to use and Ferrari hated it so much (paired with the success of the show) that for season two the gave the show a Testarossa to replace it with.

And that's why they blew up that car.

charmlessman - 2009-11-04

But he never told the full recipe for his BBQ sauce.

love - 2009-11-04

the pogues and miami vice - two great tastes that taste great together

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