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Xenocide - 2010-12-01

Man, what the hell was that? That's not how you do an anti-porn story! You're supposed to have a big dramatic anti-porn revelation moment! You know, something like seeing a starlet have a meth freakout and jump off a balcony, or accidentally walking in on Seymour Buttz while he's raping an underage goat, or you're filming a scene and suddenly a bunch of AIDS falls from the cieling.

But no, your big anti-porn revelation moment was "one day I was driving and I had doubts about some things." Oh, and then I guess a guy from the church came over and you hung out for a couple of days. Spellbinding.

I'm thinking maybe you were kicked out of porn for being too boring.

IrishWhiskey - 2010-12-01

He decided rather than film two girls kissing for Playboy, he'd like to be a priest. Good for him for making a career change. But this isn't in any way an anti-porn message. Swap "filming lesbians" and "priesthood" with "auto repair" and "veterinary school" and the message is the same.

This is basically a longer and duller community college ad.

Toenails - 2010-12-01

Born-again conversions within the porn industry is a pretty big deal to Evangelicals. It's as if being involved with a porno somehow makes you that much harder to save, although no doubt there are just as many good practicing Christians in the industry as anywhere else (don't tell me they actually believe that "Sleazy Jew Producer" crap).

The actual act of accepting Jesus is not what the Christians focus on, it's the lurid history behind it. An auto-mechanic (to take IrishWhiskey's example) would not get their own conversion story because he never filmed two girls kissing.

It's fascinating the line these folks have to walk, they have to use their old stories of "depravity" to get the attention they so desperately want, yet they have to dial back on the details so not to offend their new prudish sensibilities.

kennydra - 2010-12-01

God the cameraman needs to be taken out back.

loveyouguys - 2010-12-01

My stars are for Xeno and Whiskey's comments

Big Muddy - 2011-01-06

You can see the life sucked out of their eyes? Hell yes I'd pay to see that!

The Internet: Where you can see someone shoot a soul-load out their eyehole pretty much for free.

Herr Matthias - 2015-06-15

Hey guys! Guess who's in a whole bunch of hot water for diddling underage girls?

http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2014/12/17/possible-connection- between-former-porn-producer-accused-of-sex-with-minor-and-sutter- sheriffs-captain/

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