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The Mothership - 2011-06-13

Oh please, please tell me that this an actual excerpt from an actual transcript of a supreme court case in the state of Ohio. Please. Please.

deadpan - 2011-06-13

"Highlights from a deposition transcript in a records case before the Ohio State Supreme Court. The exchange is between an attorney and a witness." - Youtube description

Normally I don't vote up Xtranormal videos, but this gets a pass.

MrBuddy - 2011-06-13

deadpan's right. Not only is this from a real court case but it's only a short part of what (as I recall) went on and on for 10 pages.

spikestoyiu - 2011-06-13

A transcription that goes on for a little longer:

http://blog.cleveland.com/metro/2011/03/identifying_photocopy_ machine.html

OgreMkIV - 2011-06-13

I remember reading this transcript somewhere right after I had problems with the local tax department charging my escrow account for property I didn't own. It seemed to affirm my opinion of tax personnel.

The best part of this entire exchange?

"If you feel stupid, it's not because I'm making you feel that way. "

oddeye - 2011-06-13

From what I can see the guy normally only calls it "Xerox" and was a little unsure of the term "photocopy". Plus he was in court and under oath, there was a lot of extra pressure to be especially sure they were talking about the same thing.

oddeye - 2011-06-13

Also I hate this xtranormal shit.

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